Live Interactive Learning Class

Live Interactive Learning Class

Participate in biweekly live calls with Evana, accessing NEW learnings she's discovering in her adventures. Explore tools and integrate them immediately to begin experiencing peace and joy in your life.

Live Interactive Class - Energetic Group Coaching

"Love The Life You Live - Live The Life You Love" 

I have long loved this quote but lived with the painful irony that I neither loved the life I was living nor living the life I knew I would love.

I prioritized the needs of others in my life over my own. I was hustling for my worth every day at work, with my family, and in my most intimate relationships. Looking in the wrong places and with the wrong people, trying to find ME. Instead, I lost myself. I lost my spark, my vitality. I began to question who I was, what I wanted, and how the hell I got here.

Sound familiar?

Life can often look perfect on the outside, but inside, we know or have a clue when something is not right for us. Maybe you find yourself asking, “Is this it? Is this my life?” Second-guessing your career choices, relationship choices, even the relationship you have with yourself. You feel stuck, craving more, thirsting to live an inspired life.

I get it! I know how you feel! I have lived that life and found my way to a life of inspiration and joy.

I know that every journey of self-discovery is unique and rewarding, and I also understand that each step needs persistence, patience, and partnership. Let me be your partner. Let me walk with you as you discover a life you love, living in alignment with your values and bringing you the peace and joy your heart has always desired.

As your guide, I would be honored to support you using the wisdom of my lived experience, the tools I have studied and applied with clients along the way, and the ability to co-create a unique and meaningful journey to your best life.

Are you ready?

Take the leap today to:

  • Embark on your journey of self-discovery, and uncover your best life with new confidence, peace, and joy.
  • Identify what is truly important and set meaningful priorities based on your values. 
  • Explore your deepest desires and learn to permit yourself to embrace them on your terms. 
  • Evaluate what's keeping you stuck, and begin shifting towards living a life that inspires you.
  • Build a community of like-minded and spirited women living not perfectly but authentically.

I am honored to support you to continue thriving. 

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