Live Interactive Learning Class

Live Interactive Learning Class

Participate in biweekly live calls with Evana, accessing NEW learnings she's discovering in her adventures. Explore tools and integrate them immediately to begin experiencing peace and joy in your life.

Live Interactive Class - Energetic Group Coaching

Does this pandemic have you scratching your head wondering..."is this it? Or maybe it has you “questioning the direction of your life."

Each life event gives you a choice to grow from the experience or not? To live your best life, you have to be open and willing to accept what life gives us. You also leverage your toolbox to help you navigate through it and continue to move in the direction of what you truly want.

In joining in Evana, you will:

  • belong to a community with a shared vision that encompasses: accountability, encouragement and ?
  • deepen your self-awareness and understand what subconscious behaviors are blocking your biggest desires from coming to fruition.
  • discover new skills and tools to build momentum towards living a life that inspires you.

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