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“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
—Saint Augustine

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My life is never going to be the same.  It is the first day as far back as I can remember that I put myself and my needs first. I am in the middle of a relationship split, heart-broken for leaving someone I still love, and knowing if I want to come out on the other side even stronger, I have to do things differently and on my terms.

I wake up on the morning of October 28, 2017, and the stagnant fog of my new reality blanketed my soul. My long-term relationship has ended horribly and I feel that my life is spinning out of control, one phone call changed my life.  On the other end, is my dear and loving friend.  After catching up for a few minutes I muster the courage to ask her if I can visit for six weeks over the upcoming holiday season.  I tell her I need new Christmas memories, but I know that what I really need is to get away from everything and everyone. I need a place where there is nothing I know.  She’s ecstatic to have me come visit. Inside I feel instant relief that I have a safe place to go. Suddenly I become overwhelmed. My people-pleasing phantoms come back to haunt me. In this case, it is my fear of disappointing my family and specifically my mother’s judgment.  I don’t want to hurt her by leaving suddenly and not being home for the holidays but I need to do this for myself.  Am I being selfish is the question that instantly plagued my mind. I want a safe space. I want a new beginning. I want a new start that would finally bring me the peace I have so desperately sought all my life, but I am my own worst enemy.  The thought of being with my friend in Costa Rica, this lush paradise to bring my soul joy and reprieve, is something I think I don’t deserve.

In the past, when I have put myself first I often experience backlash and rejection from those I care most about in this world.  At least that is my perception.  I let this deep wound terrorize me to the point where I would freeze emotionally and physically. My childhood trauma left me feeling unlovable, untrusting of those closest to me and feeling unsafe within the four walls of “my” world begins to rear its ugly head.

At this moment, I am so fragile, so broken, and so heartbroken…so scared that if I don’t do this for my survival I would likely never recover. It’s time I take a stand for me. It is now or never. So I take a deep breath, close my eyes and I leap into the unknown. I have three things.

My guides at this point are my faith, my hope, and a newfound love for myself. I choose my well-being. I choose the life I have always been deserving of! I choose ME!

What unfolded in this courageous step, something beyond my imagination is my world opened up.

I discovered how you can make healthy choices… 

1.      MEET THE PAST with courage and honor

Transforming your past pains and reclaiming peace as your priority is your power. Through courage, you honor yourself when you step into the center of your heart.


2.     CONNECT WITH NATURE and grow

Nature is your oxygen. It’s a necessary function that keeps you alive. It supports you by freeing yourself from your confines. Nature is a blessing. Nature grounds and it centers you. 

3.     ACCEPT YOUR PURPOSE with passion

One of your strongest values is service to others. Contributing to another’s greatness and fulfillment allows you to accept your own greatness and live an inspired life. This is more important than knowing “How you fulfill your purpose.”

4.     EMBRACE THE ADVENTURE in the unknown

When you stay open-minded and openhearted to accept the offerings from the Universe created, then everything becomes a blessing. Adventure creates opportunities in expected and unexpected ways. Be curious. Explore and experience.


5.     DISCOVER CLARITY in being decisive 

You are a powerful being and have all the resources you need to create a life you love.  Be decisive with commitment. Eliminate the triggers that inhibit you. Leverage the tools that support you in staying on your path. With clarity, you will always be successful.

Are you ready to start your journey in creating a life with purpose and fulfillment? I invite you to join me in discovering the gift you are in our world. 


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