Online Self Paced Program

Online Self Paced Program

Work independently leveraging Evana's wisdom online and develop a deeper connection to your purpose; developing confidence and strength to act freely, regaining balance, and happiness in your life.

Online Self-Paced Program - Self-Difected Independent Learning

Learning is an individual process that requires commitment, will, and skill.

Are you ready step fully into the joy-filled life you deserve?

Immerse yourself in this online adventure and journey to reconnect with yourself, your desires and propel yourself forward to create a fulfilled life with peace and joy...even during a world pandemic.

In this program you will:

  • unravel the unconscious blockages that have had you feel stuck and unfulfilled
  • learn foundational principles to support you in creating your own roadmap for continued success and happiness   
  • discover techniques and tools to integrate immediately so as to begin seeing incremental progress 

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